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Full Container Load

Cargo Hub Ocean Direct

There anyone who loves or pursue desire to obtain pains of itself, because it is pain, but occasionally circumstances.

  • Consignee direct delivery
  • Suitable for all kinds of commodities
  • Tailored alternatives available

Less than Container

Cargo Hub Ocean Connect

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  • 95% in-house network operation
  • Scheduled & guaranteed departures
  • National and Multi National Gateway

Conventional Load

Cargo Hub Special

Master-builder of human happiness one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure.

  • Customized conventional load
  • Available for roll-on / roll-off cargo
  • Available for break-bulk cargo

Industry Covered

OCEAN BLUE LOGISTICS is more than logistics.
We offer sales and deliveries of World Class Container , Yatches and Speed boats which are all tools we use for Ocean Freight and transport

Textile Logistics

Our Textile Logistics Experts are hired from the best schools in thew world to ensure our clients have the best textile logistics services in the world .

Healthcare Center

Desires to obtain pain of itsel because it is pain but because occasionally seds circumstances occur.


We also provide drone deliveries in partnership with Amazon to our VIP Customers

Automative Industry

Ocean Blue Logistics over the years has developed interest in the Automative Industries partnering with Tesla to provide high speed Tesla boats .

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